When to Recover and When to Replace?

Although most commercial roofing systems are designed for long-term performance, many can still develop problems over time. Issues can arise when a roof is installed wrong, designed incorrectly, or not properly maintained. When looking to fix a commercial roof, you must consider one of four options: full replacement, re-cover, repair, or coat.

As a commercial business owner, you probably don’t know the first thing about commercial roof repair and replacement. Work with the professional team of contractors in MN, Palmer West, to work together to find the right resolution for you. Questions you’ll want to consider include:

  • Are you (the business owner) looking for a long-term or short-term solution?
  • Is the building occupied?
  • How easy is it to tear off the roof?
  • How bad is the roof and how much is damaged?
  • Does it have the proper amount of insulation?
  • Does the building generate moisture? If so, it may not have the right roof.

Repair – Some problems on a roof can be minor and easily repaired, so they don’t warrant the expense of a replacement.

Re-cover – Not all damaged roofs need replacing. If the roof is fundamentally sound and has good installation, the most effective solution is to re-cover.

Full replacement – Sometimes a roof isn’t a good candidate for a re-cover if the damage is too extensive. If a roof has been re-covered once before, you need to replace it.

Coating – Many commercial roofs can be coated, adding extra protection from leaks and prolonging the roofs lifespan.

At the first sign of roof damage, call on seasoned commercial roofing contractors in MN, who can help you answer the necessary questions and make the right decision on whether to repair, re-cover, replace or coat our commercial business roof.

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