TPO Roofing: A Smart Business Investment

When you own a business it’s essential to select quality roofing for your building. TPO roofing is the preferred choice for commercial installation. TPO – or Thermoplastic Polyolefin roofing – is a single-ply material that offers superior protection. Relatively inexpensive and versatile, top manufacturer Johns Manville produces a reinforced product containing a polyester fabric. It is created with an ultraviolet-resistant formulation as well. To suit your building’s needs, it is available in numerous thicknesses.

There are many benefits TPO roofing  offers your facility. Thanks to the Energy Star system UV resistance, it will lower your company’s heating and cooling bills. This is especially important for frigid temperatures during Minnesota winters. Also, it is very flexible during all temperatures. There are no worries of cracking throughout the cold months. TPO roofing resists damage from chemicals, acids, salts, and oils. The strong seams and puncture resistant material help maintain a long useful life.

Businesses looking to be kind to the environment will appreciate the sustainable material that can be recycled at the end of its life cycle. As demand for energy efficiency continues to heighten, TPO membranes will be the choice to provide resistance to ozone, UV, and chemical exposure.

Hiring a professional company like Palmer West Construction Company, Inc. to install this material and make repairs will safeguard your property, its equipment and furnishings inside, as well as providing a safe environment for the building’s staff. Contact us today to learn more about TPO roofing and how it will benefit your business.

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