The Importance of Roof Ventilation

We all know an efficient ventilation system for your commercial roof is important – But do you know why? To put it simply, it helps increase the life of your roof. The reason varies from one climate to the next, but remains significant all the same.

During warm temperatures, proper roof ventilation conserves the energy needed for air conditioning, allowing hot air to be released when it would otherwise build up inside. When roofing ventilation isn’t sufficient, it creates warmer temperatures inside the building that puts more strain on air-conditioning systems, leading to a rise in energy costs. A poor ventilation system for your roof can lessen its lifespan, as high temperatures put a toll on nearly any roofing material.

During the winter, a ventilation system helps with controlling moisture. Ventilation helps snow and ice on your roof thaw earlier than it would otherwise, therefore helping to prevent the stress on your roof caused by the weight added by these elements. Any metal materials on your roof can suffer from excess moisture as well. Moisture can even settle into your insulation system, therefore reducing the effectiveness of it.

If you are noticing excessive heat, mold, or ineffective heating or cooling systems, these could all be signals of a ventilation issue. Palmer West Construction Company, Inc., provides commercial roofing services in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the entire state of Minnesota – Contact us today for a quote or inspection!

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