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Don’t Skip Your Summertime Roofing Service

apartments-1868142_1920Did you notice issues with your residential or commercial roof over the winter or springtime that you put off having looked at? A small drip here, some downspout issues there, but nothing that you thought required immediate attention. Don’t let these issues continue to get worse before you have them checked out. Summer is the perfect time to get an inspection and have those problem areas fixed by roofing contractors in Minneapolis.

First and foremost, a roofing contractor will look at all aspects of your roof – the condition of the roofing materials, be that sheet metal, TPO or PVC roofing, soffits, gutters, etc. If you know of problem areas, let the inspector know. From there you’ll receive a detailed list of your roof’s needs. The inspector might find your roof is in great shape and you’re off the hook until your next inspection. Or, they may find areas that are compromised and need remedying in order to prevent further issues. Don’t fear – this is common with roofs as they age. It doesn’t mean you’ll need to replace your entire roof now so long as you stay on top of correcting small issues as they occur.

If the inspector does find a list of things that you should be aware of, it’s important not to sit and wait before acting. The longer your roof is left compromised, the more at risk it is for major damages to occur. Even if it’s something that seems simple to you, it can’t be stressed enough how easily a small thing can turn into a major issue that can have costly consequences if left unfixed.

The integrity of your roof is paramount to the building’s structure. So, if you haven’t been as attentive to your roof’s issues or with keeping up with regular maintenance as you should, now is the time. Get it inspected now. Get the issues resolved now. And feel confident that your roof and structure are solid going into the remainder of the year.

Don’t wait for issues to pop up and surprise you. Be proactive in caring for your roof and you’ll be comforted in knowing your commercial building is safe and sound.

How to Make Your Roof Eco-Friendly

watercolour-1768984_1920When looking for a roofing material, most owners tend to favor those products that are durable, affordable, and above all, environmentally friendly. From homeowners to commercial property owners alike, everyone is interested in reducing their property’s impact on the environment. In addition to basic changes, such as installing energy efficient appliances and low-flow water fixtures, it is also possible to reduce a building’s environmental impact by making changes to the roof.

If lowering the energy bill and utility costs, as well as reducing your commercial property’s footprint is important to you than here is some easy-to-implement roofing related options that are environmentally friendly.

Insulation & Ventilation
Proper insulation and ventilation of a roof system can benefit the environment and lower heating and cooling costs. The reduction in power and fossil fuels used in heating and cooling help make a more environmentally efficient residential or commercial building.

Solar reflective tubes are a great way to bring natural daylight into almost any area of a home or building. Daylighting provides natural daylight during daytime hours, which will benefit the environment by reducing electricity.

Roof Maintenance
Proper roof maintenance, including keeping the gutters, downspouts and roof area free of debris will help extend the life of a roof. At the first sign of a problem, call on the experienced roofing contractors in Minneapolis, Palmer West Construction, Co., Inc. Fixing the problem early and delaying replacement will result in cost savings and less material waste.