State-Of-The-Art TPO Roofing

Whether you’re building a new commercial structure or the roof on your current one needs replacing, if energy efficiency and longevity, coupled with increased wear resistance and weather durability is important than TPO roofing is the solution.

TPO, or thermoplastic polyolefin, roofing is a single-ply solution. Our TPO roofing for Minneapolis, MN is manufactured by the reputable and reliable brand Johns Manville (JM). For decades, JM has been a leading force in the roofing industry, ensuring both performance and protection for commercial structures.

JM’s TPO roofing materials are formulated using the best available technology and designed for long-term roof performance in all conditions. They reinforce their TPO membrane with polyester fabric to provide excellent wind uplift resistance, puncture resistance and finished physical properties. And their TPO formulation was developed to allow for extreme pliability, flexibility and weldability during installation.

TPO’s state-of-the-art formulation helps to resist extreme weather conditions, including ultraviolet radiation and high surface temperatures. Palmer West Construction Company, Inc., has over 36 years of hand-on experience in commercial roofing. Turn to us to solve all of your roofing problems.

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