Roof Warranty Coverage

No matter the roof you choose, be it BUR, EPDM, sheet metal or TPO, it’s going to be a substantial investment. When you’re about to sink that kind of money into a commercial property, you want to make sure you’re protected. Most of the time, you’ll never have to worry about a new roof for many years to come, especially if it’s installed correctly. That being said, there are still chances when shoddy installation, severe weather and/or natural disasters can lead to major roofing problems. Even small problems can be expensive to repair, so it’s important to understand your warranty options.

Manufacturer’s Warranty
The manufacturer’s warranty is the most common kind of warranty, and is included with almost every roof installation. This warranty isn’t actually for your roof, but the materials that make up the roof. These materials are designed to last for decades, so their warranties have long coverage periods, such as ten, twenty, or even thirty years.

More established commercial roofing companies will offer warranties on their work. The length of the warranty may vary from the lifetime of the roof to several decades. Remember, this is only on the workmanship and not the roofing materials. If the roofing materials fail at the end of its standard lifetime, the workmanship isn’t in question and a new roof won’t be covered.

When working with a commercial roofing company in Minneapolis, be sure to talk to them about their policy and that of the materials they’ll be using. Paying slightly more for a durable material with a long-lasting warranty could save you big bucks in repair costs in the future.

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