As commercial roofers in the business for nearly four decades, Palmer West Construction can offer you a range of solutions for your requirements plus valuable insight into how to optimize those solutions. If, for instance, you have questions about BUR roofing and its suitability for your requirements, we will be happy to clarify matters for you. The benefits of using this roofing solution are many.

What Is BUR Roofing?

This term refers to built-up roofing (BUR) membranes that are also referred to as tar and gravel roofs. This has been a trusted roofing solution for over a hundred years. This type of roofing is also known as multi-ply roofing because there are multiple layers that make the roof more stable, providing better weather protection and strength.

Main Benefits of BUR Roofing

They are versatile and can adapt to most roof deck types. So they are an effective solution for a range of requirements.

These roofing solutions have excellent tensile strength, making them more reliable and durable. They make the structure stronger and hence are longer lasting. These roofs are low maintenance and easy to repair as well. There is a hundred-year-long track record to prove that BUR roofs can and do last a long time.

This type of roof offers better resistance to the conduction of heat from the outside to the inside of a dwelling space. BUR roofing can withstand great extremes of temperature and also offers better leakage protection. This ability to better insulate a structure helps you reduce heating and cooling costs. Specific layers to help improve thermal performance can sometimes be added to these layered roofs.

You can choose from various different roofing systems to suit your requirements as well as your budget. For the most part, this is a cost-effective roofing system that gives you great value for your money.

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