Most people never think about the roof over their heads until something goes wrong. However, the type of roof on any given building can have a big impact on the quality of protection being provided. One of the best choices for low slope homes and businesses is EPDM roofing.

EPDM is a unique type of rubber roofing. Its full name is ethylene propylene diene terpolymer. While that technical name is hard to remember, the fact that EPDM roofing is often a superior choice is hard to forget. The rubber is derived from oil and natural gas, forming a synthetic substance that is well suited for long term needs. It is available most often in black and white, but it does come in a variety of thicknesses to cater to any number of building styles.

There are many advantages in choosing EPDM roofing. To start, it is one of the most durable roofing materials available. This means that an EPDM roof holds up well under all conditions, including rain, wind and fire. Better still, EPDM roofing is resilient against ozone forces and UV rays, which means that it does not degrade for a significant period of time. In short, these roofs usually last at least 30 years. In some cases, EPDM roofs have been known to last over 50 years. Additionally, these roofs are installed in a way that does not rely on gravity like traditional shingles. This means that the roof is not prone to warping, even after decades of wear and tear.

On top of this unparalleled durability, EPDM is also made from recycled materials. Because of this, EPDM is a great option for businesses that want to go green. In addition to using recycled materials, these roofs are also heat reflective. Therefore, an EPDM roof will actually minimize cooling costs during the summer months. This not only helps reduce energy consumption but can actually serve as a cost saving measure over a period of years.

EPDM roofing is also easy to install and easier still to maintain. Because this roofing is available in larger sheets, it is possible to get a roofing job done quickly, even on sizable structures. Moreover, if any problems should arise with the roof, repairs are simple to complete, which can add years to the life of the roof.

Overall, EPDM is a great choice for saving time, saving money and saving the environment.

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