While a building without a roof is uninhabitable, one with a substandard roof may not be much better. Sadly, unless the contractor who installs or repairs yours knows what he is doing, even the highest-quality roofing materials won’t live up to their promise.

Roof replacement and repair are complex undertakings requiring a tremendous degree of expertise. You want to be sure that the roofing specialists you hire possess the proficiency to provide your structure with a sturdy and durable restoration. Here are some ways you can tell.

Honesty Counts

In an attempt to fatten his wallet at your expense, a less-than-honorable repairman may recommend work that your building does not need. In contrast, trustworthy roofing specialists will tell you upfront whether an entire teardown is necessary or if an additional layer, partial replacement or localized repair will serve your needs as well.

Don’t Hire a One-Trick Pony

While all roofs are similar in purpose, no two are exactly alike. It is common to see two or more styles on a single structure. The roofing specialists you’re looking for will have years of experience with a variety of types. This will ensure a uniformity of excellence across the entire edifice.

The Importance of Credentials

The roofing specialists you hire should be bonded, insured and licensed or otherwise credentialed to do this type of work in your locality, and those who are will always advertise the fact. While contractors who lack this documentation may charge a lower rate, the building owner who hires them could wind up a loser in the end. These things serve to protect the client in the event that the contractor:

– Damages the property.
– Fails to pay his workers, subcontractors or suppliers.
– Suffers an injury on your premises.
– Abandons the project midstream.

In addition, if the contractor lacks the authorization to do this type of work, a building inspector could force the project to a sudden halt.

Don’t Make a Quick Decision

Interview potential roofing specialists with care. A reputable contractor is proud of his work. He will revel in his previous accomplishments and encourage prospective clients to check out the results. He will gladly offer a guarantee and provide at least 10 referrals when asked.

While vetting potential contractors may take a bit of time, it’s the best way to ensure that the roofing job you want is the roofing job you’ll get. Isn’t your building worth it?

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