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Like any roofing system, sheet metal roofing can need repairs over time. The amazing crew at Palmer West Construction Company, Inc., understands these issues. Whether you are victim of time or just had a crummy installation, we are available to provide sheet metal roofing repairs for commercial properties. We are a certified ANSI-SPRI ES1 contractor, which means we have the skill set to attend to any sheet metal roofing issues you may be facing.

We always stay up to date on the current trends in sheet metal roofing, so you can feel confident that our crew can tackle nearly any issue you may be facing. This includes problems related to loose seams, rust, or corrosion, as well as frequent leaking, punctures, and holes. We are prepared to hop on on your roof and do what needs to be done. The great part about going with our company is that we only provide you with what is necessary and never try to talk you into any roofing repairs or add-ons that you wouldn’t need.

Contact the roofing professionals at Palmer West Construction Company, Inc., today and ask about our exceptional products and affordable rates for sheet metal roofing repairs. We offer help to businesses located in Minneapolis, St. Pail, and the surrounding areas throughout Minnesota.

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