EPDM vs. TPO Roofing

If you’re in the process of constructing a new commercial building than you’ve probably realized pretty quickly that there are a lot of choices to make, including what type of roof to put on. Arguably, the roof is one of the most important components of a building.

The roof is a commercial building’s first line of defense from natural hazards such as wind, rain, fire, hail, ice, snow, and extreme heat. It is also the most vulnerable part of your building.  Every day your roof is exposed to weather and other elements that may contribute to decay and deterioration, increasing the risk of damage to the roof itself and the contents below it. This is why selecting the right roof for your building is an important decision.

If energy efficiency and longevity, coupled with increased wear resistance and weather durability is important to you than TPO roofing is the solution. TPO, or thermoplastic polyolefin, roofing is a single-ply solution with polyester fabric to provide excellent wind uplift resistance and puncture resistance. TPO’s state-of-the-art formulation helps to resist extreme weather conditions, including ultraviolet radiation and high surface temperatures.

EPDM is an elastomeric compound that is manufactured from ethylene, propylene, diene, and monomer. These ingredients are synthesized to produce a product that exhibits a high degree of ozone, ultraviolet, weathering and abrasion resistance, and outstanding low temperature flexibility. Environmentally-friendly, EPDM is one of the most sustainable and environmental materials used today in the construction industry.

Weather conditions in Minneapolis are as tough as those that you can find anywhere. Contact the experts at Palmer West Construction Co., Inc., to discuss the best roofing options for your commercial building.

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