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Not all roofing contractors specialize in commercial work. We only offer roofing services for commercial-size properties in our community and throughout the surrounding areas. This makes us more than qualified to provide superior work for large manufacturing facilities and property managers overseeing a number of different buildings. From routine maintenance, to extensive repairs, and even new construction installations, we do it all.

Types of Commercial Roofing We Offer

Single Ply Roofing – We offer all types of single ply roofing, PVC, TPO, Fully Adhered EPDM and Ballasted EPDM.  These roofs offer a long lifetime with warranties up to 30 years.  White colored membranes can offer a more energy efficient roof system.

Built-up Roofing – Built-up roof systems are composed of layers of felt mopped with hot asphalt and covered with with gravel or a cover sheet.  Built-up roofs are very durable and long lasting.  These have the least amount of maintenance.

Sheet Metal Roofing – Usually a standing seam type metal roof, consists of metal panels to stop water.  This roof system will last for a very long time with no maintenance needed.  

Sheet Metal Coping & Flashing – We have our own metal shop and can shop fabricated any copings or flashing needed for a project.  This ensures the metal used for the project is properly made and also give the customer cost savings from using manufactured copings & flashings.

Palmer West Construction Company, Inc., is experienced at using a wide range of roofing materials. Our team of roofing experts has met and solved numerous roofing challenges, which has earned us high marks for reliability and quality workmanship.

We are certified dealers of brands like Johns Manville , Carlisle, Sarnafil, Fibertite, Firestone and Verscio. If you want new roofing that can improve the efficiency of your structure, decrease overall energy costs, and ensure your building remains protected, you can look to us for roofing such as all of the following:

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