Commercial Roofing: How It Differs From Residential

If you are seeking a new roof for your business, you may be wondering how it differs from a residential roof. Commercial roofs need to account for other factors that residential homes don’t require, and for that reason, the materials and design can differ greatly.

Selecting materials is generally based on a roof’s shape/slope, cost, and the average climate conditions of which it is surrounded. In the past, commercial roofs were often constructed with the same materials that residential roofs were. But as businesses became larger, the most-commonly used materials (wood, clay, and asphalt) could no longer be used.

When belonging to a commercial property, a roof faces a different set of challenges when it comes to durability. A commercial roof is typically low sloped, or entirely flat, which calls for more routine inspections and maintenance. They also must cover a larger area and need to accommodate more weight. Commercial roofs must also work around obstacles such as smoke stacks and external piping.

Because a commercial roof is a major investment, business owners should work with experienced contractors when placing them or maintaining them. At Palmer West Construction Company, Inc, we have professional, qualified roofing experts to meet the demands for all commercial roofing in Minneapolis. Give us a call at (844) 406-0066 to speak with someone on our team!

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