Benefits of EPDM Roofing

Your roof puts up a tough battle 365 days a year. It withstands extreme heat in the summer, coupled with intense sun exposure; frigid temperatures with ice, sleet and snow in the winter; and takes a pounding in the spring and fall from rain and high winds. Weather conditions being as they are in Minneapolis, you want the best roofing option to keep your building and business safe and protected.

EDPM roofing is a solid choice when it comes to protecting your commercial property. EPDM is an elastomeric compound that is manufactured from ethylene, propylene, diene, and monomer. These ingredients are synthesized to produce a product that exhibits a high degree of ozone, ultraviolet, weathering and abrasion resistance, and outstanding low temperature flexibility. Black EPDM has a smooth surface similar to natural gray slate and does not contain surface granules that can eventually be lost on other materials.

Also environmentally beneficial, EPDM is one of the most sustainable and environmental materials used today in the construction industry. Its excellent performance transfers to low life cycle costs and less impact on the environment. They are known to remain in peak condition for 20 years or longer.

Is it time to replace your businesses roof and you’re considering EPDM roofing installation? For roofing that offers the best durability throughout any climate, contact Palmer West Construction Company, Inc. to learn more about an EDPM roof.

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